Hear from Customers on Aspero

Venkat R Sonnathi

Group Chief Architect

I wanted to diversify my investment portfolio with something that offered better returns than FD but maintained the same risk and hence wanted to invest in Fixed Income. Aspero made it easy to discover and transact in Bonds. Recent addition of SBG was quite nice and helped me buy some virtual Gold at the click of a button on the app.

Maswal Dhar


I had some excess liquidity and was looking to park some funds for a couple of years and that's when I came across Aspero a few months ago. The investment experience through the platform has been absolutely seamless! They have a great collection of options available to invest in and provide detailed information about each of the assets which makes it easy to evaluate the papers even for someone like me who's new to bonds. Have found these to be a great alternative to FDs and Debt mutual funds considering they offer higher returns for similar risk and are a must-have asset to have to achieve your big and small financial goals.

Rahul Roy

Business Owner

In the last 5 years as my kids grew up and expenses grew, I have looked for stable options like MFs, FDs, PPFs, and RDs but the returns here are lesser than share market. Aspero introduced me to corporate bonds providing a perfect mix of stability and returns. The process of investing on the app is convenient, providing all the essential bond details, issuer ratings, and some practical insights. My experience has been positive, and it's made me realize that bonds can be a path to financial freedom.

Rishidar E

Chartered Accountant

I have been an equity / MF investor since the early days. Wanted to diversify my portfolio considering long-term goals towards financial independence, and reduce the inherent risks associated with a 100% equity portfolio. Since debt mutual funds displayed single-digit returns, decided to enter fixed-income instruments. I invested through Aspero as it is easy - simple steps for onboarding, identifying opportunities across different categories, and executing orders. Also, few opportunities displayed were yielding slightly higher returns than other similar options

Riniki Sanyal

Media Professional

Happy to have chosen Aspero for my foray into the bonds market. I was keenly looking at avenues which generate good enough returns to beat inflation but at the same time reduce the need for constant market monitoring and give me more peace of mind. And Bonds just did that.  Additionally, everything from signing up to KYC to transacting was a breeze and seamless. I love the way the platform integrates content related to bonds which is of immense help for first-time investors. Highly recommended!

Shubhangi Bhatia

Management Consultant

I am an active investor but I reached a point in my career, where I wanted to take minimal risks but get higher returns, at least more than an FD. I, fortunately, found Aspero. The videos and tutorials introduced me to the world of Corporate Bonds and I instantly knew I found the assets I were looking for. There are a plethora of options on Aspero based on risk, investment value, and rating and it seamlessly allows you to invest in a matter of seconds. Great going, team Yubi!

Himanshu S

VP, Financial Services

With a substantial part of my investment portfolio heavily invested in equities, I felt the need to diversify. While fixed deposits (FDs) are known for their safety, I needed higher returns. My discovery of Aspero was a game-changer. Corporate bonds on the platform offered surprisingly attractive yields. What truly impressed me was the user-friendly platform for investing in bonds, providing a clear and predictable timeline for returns. Aspero has brought peace of mind and transparency to my investment journey. I look forward to investing more in their latest issuances.

Mrudula Lanka


For me, bonds have been a safer option compared to stocks or mutual funds. FD is always a safer bet, but the interest rate and the lock-in period handicapped my investments. I still believe in investing in an FD, but I also don't want to put all my eggs in one basket. Initially, when I went in for mutual funds, it was great, but for almost a year, I did not have any substantial growth in my fund. Even with a direct stock portfolio, it needed a lot of time investment, which I couldn't give. So considering the time factor, the risk factor, and the lock-in period, I felt bonds were a safer, less risky bet. And having interest from bonds every month or quarterly is a breather because, in a short period, there is the satisfaction of interest.