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Issuer Spotlight: RDC Concrete’s Ambitious Growth Plans

By Aspero

  • August 17, 2023
  • 2 min read

In this interview with Business World, Anil Banchhor, MD & CEO, RDC Concrete talks about the category challenges and the innovative solutions being offered by the Ready Mix Concrete industry. He also talks about this INR 1500 Cr entity’s plans of expanding by setting up 100+ new plants by FY24 and new products in the pipeline that are set to transform the industry. Here are the key takeaways from the interview:

RDC: Current presence and the future plans

As of March 31, 2023, an Indian manufacturing company boasts 80 operational plants, generating a monthly output of 3.5 lakh m3 across diverse segments. The company’s future strategy is to expand its presence by establishing manufacturing plants in every Indian state and union territory. With an objective to launch an impressive 100 new plants within the year, the company is committed to fulfilling the burgeoning customer demand and driving growth. The company recorded a remarkable 50% increase in turnover in FY23, totaling Rs 1,500 crore. This ambitious expansion initiative requires an investment of approximately Rs 60-70 crore.

The evolution of the Ready Mix Concrete Industry

The use of ready-mix concrete (RMC) in construction has yielded significant advantages. Computer-controlled batching plants ensure uniformity and quality in each batch, resulting in stronger, longer-lasting concrete and reduced maintenance requirements. Despite the increasing acceptance of high-end RMC products with specialized applications in India’s construction sector, the market for such products remains smaller compared to conventional RMC varieties. However, the demand for these advanced products like self-compacting concrete (SCC), fiber-reinforced concrete (FRC), and high-performance concrete (HPC) is growing, particularly for applications such as high-rise structures, bridges, and precast concrete elements.

New Innovative Products in the Pipeline

The company has introduced a new high-performance concrete mixture called “Pot-Crete,” exhibiting exceptional strength and durability. Following successful trials by civic bodies and a renowned entity in Oman, the product is set to be ordered. The simplicity of the Pot-Crete application process, completed within five minutes without disrupting regular activities, has garnered significant interest. With a commitment to quality, expansion, and innovation, the company aims to carve a notable niche in the ever-evolving construction materials industry