Empowering Your Aspirations with Steady Returns, Enabling You to Prioritize What Truly Matters!

At Aspero, we are driven by a simple yet profound belief: access to debt is a fundamental cornerstone of any thriving economy. The debt market’s, or more specifically, the bond market’s role in fueling India’s growth ambitions has become all the more critical since the pandemic hit, and the world saw the sharpest economic contraction we’ve witnessed in decades.

Guided by this principle, we’ve empowered thousands of enterprises through Yubi, bringing them much required capital and now, we’re on an even grander mission to democratize debt further. 

While the Equity market has already seen a major upheaval in participation from retail investors – retail participation has risen from 33% to 45% in the last 5 years, majority of it post-pandemic; the growth in the Fixed income/bond market remains inadequate. We believe that the debt market houses immense potential that is just waiting to be tapped; and democratizing the debt market is critical in fuelling India’s growth to becoming a $ 5 Trillion economy. 

Guided by this belief, we’ve built Aspero – India’s premiere fixed income investment platform. With Aspero, we aim to bring high-quality fixed income products such as corporate bonds and SGBs to every household.We believe in making these opportunities accessible to every retail investor. When it comes to achieving financial aspirations, individuals are often constrained to limited avenues like FDs, stocks, and equity. These paths can be either too volatile, as seen in the case of crypto or equity, or offer insufficient returns, like in the case of FDs. Aspero aims to redefine these limitations by providing access to instruments beyond traditional options, such as fixed-income securities, and steering towards wealth preservation.

Aspero, derived from the word “Aspiration,” encapsulates our belief that wealth-building extends beyond mere financial gains. It symbolizes the dream of financial freedom, aspiring to allocate time to what matters most to you.

Our impact has already resonated with over 10,000 investors, revolutionizing how people approach investments in the fixed-income market. As a market leader among large wealth distributors, family offices, high-net-worth individuals (HNIs), and independent financial advisors, our fixed-income investment arm boasts a remarkable:

  • 40%+ Market Share in Performing Credit
  • INR 20K Cr+ worth of Bonds Issued and Sold in FY22
  • AA+ to BBB Diversified issuances across the risk curve

It’s a testament to our confidence in bringing your aspirations to life and assisting you in generating steady returns that transform your dreams into reality.

Whether you’re a DIY investor or a wealth partner, Aspero is here to guide you in unlocking the power of fixed and steady returns.

Meet the Architects enabling this for you

Gaurav Kumar

Gaurav Kumar, Co-founder & CEO, Yubi Group

Gaurav Kumar is the founder of Yubi - the world’s first unified credit platform. His vision for Yubi is to transform India’s debt market through technology. He is a veteran of more than 15 years in the Indian debt market. A serial entrepreneur who has many firsts to his credit – from opening Indian Asset-Backed Securitization (ABS) to microfinance, unsecured business loans, and scaling up over 10 structured finance products during his career.

He has served as the Chief Business Officer of Northern Arc Capital (erstwhile IFMR Capital), and as the CEO of Northern Arc Investment Adviser Services, before co-founding Vivriti Capital and Vivriti Asset Manangement.

Gaurav is also on the advisory board of fintech and consumer tech companies in India and Europe and advises the management on digital strategy and business plans. He is a member of the National Committee on Financial Inclusion and FinTech 2021-22.

Vibhor Mittal, COO, Aspero

Vibhor Mittal is the Chief Operating Officer of Aspero (a unit of Yubi Securities Pvt. Ltd. formerly CredAvenue). Aspero is India’s premier fixed-income investment platform that caters to both institutional and retail investors. He oversees the entire business operations of the fixed-income platform including origination, sales, risk, credit, research, compliance, liaison with regulators, industry bodies & associations. Previously, he was Yubi Group’s Chief Risk Officer and integral to the foundation and execution of the Risk and Governance charter at the company. Prior to this role he set up and led the fixed income vertical at Yubi and acted as the Chief Product Officer. He led new product development for the company and structured and executed transactions across all platforms. Vibhor has over 15 years of experience in Structured Finance. Before joining ICRA Limited, he was the Group Head - Structured Finance Ratings at ICRA Limited (a Moody’s Investor Service Company). He was responsible for executing rating assignments, maintaining client relationships, putting out research notes and thematics, and developing rating criteria and models at ICRA. Vibhor was also a member of the Rating Committee and Criteria Committee at ICRA.

Vibhor Mittal
Sarath Bhaskaran

Sarath Bhaskaran, CBO, Aspero & Yubi Invest

Sarath Bhaskaran heads business at Yubi Invest and as a founding member of the fixed-income business, he has been instrumental in scaling the platform from scratch. Sarath has been in the financial services industry for over a decade now, with prior stints at companies like ICRA, Axis Capital and RBL Bank across credit rating, investment banking and treasury roles. Sarath is responsible for managing supply and demand across all channels of distribution (viz. B2B, B2B2C, IFA, Family Office and B2C) and leads our efforts to disrupt the fixed-income ecosystem.