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What is OpenERP?

What is OpenERP? OpenERP is an open source alternative to for-pay ERP management solutions offered by companies such as Microsoft or SAS. Today, there are many different business enterprise solutions that are designed to streamline, automate and make the processes of day-to-day businesses less of a hassle. Enterprise resource management, often dubbed ERP is one such option.

OpenERP Development Services

Our have completed many OpenERP development, we have Sr. OpenERP developers who have many years of experience in handling OpenERP Development. Every OpenERP development at Aspero is carried with the best Software development methodology to ensure success of every OpenERP projects we undertake

OpenERP Customization

Although OpenERP which is recently migrated to version 8 and re-branded as Odoo consist of variety of modules that can be used on default or Out of the box vanilla implementation, Understanding that every business have different workflows and business processes; We at Aspero offer your with OpenERP customization services since being Open Source – OpenERP can be customized as per the business requirement. We completely understand the basic business flows of our clients before initiating any customization in OpenERP software. We also offer new module development in OpenERP to meet the needs of those clients which cannot be implemented from the existing modules customization.

OpenERP Integration

OpenERP Integration is another area when you need 3rd party software or applications to be integrated with OpenERP software. As OpenERP is a web based ERP software it allows you to integrate all your 3rd party applications easily via available API keys or via web services. We have integrated many 3rd party software with OpenERP some of them are OpenERP Magento Integration, Open ERP Amazon.com Integration, eBay OpenERP Integration, Shipping carriers such as UPS, USPS, FedEx integration with Open ERP, Quickbooks Integration and many more.

OpenERP Support

Aspero team offers OpenERP support which can be an ongoing process in Big OpenERP implementation. Our Open ERP support based on Quarterly, Half Yearly and Yearly depending upon the requirements. We undertake and offer you with complete support of OpenERP software to ensure the software is working smooth. We also ensure that our clients queries is resolved in no time.

OpenERP Consultation

OpenERP consultation is another services Aspero team offer. OpenERP consultation is vast and can be offered on Modules implementation, Customization, Industry wise and so on. Our OpenERP Consultation team have many years of experience in Manufacturing, Trading and various other ERP implementation.

OpenERP Version Migration

Every year OpenERP upgrades to new version with more strong features and modules to meet various business needs, OpenERP 7 got released in the year 2013 and now OpenERP rebranded as Odoo with version 8. We offer OpenERP version Migration services to ensure the developed modules in your older version functions the same way as per your business requirement.

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