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For those who want enterprise-class eCommerce software for their business

If you are looking to hire a Magento eCommerce Developer or looking for Magento E-commerce Website Development services, here is why you should consider us:

  • Great portfolio of Magento development projects.
  • Experience on small and large scale Magento implementations.
  • Enterprise e-commerce experience with companies such as Mother care, Euro Cart Parts, 2XU, Konga and American Golf.
  • In-house certified Magento Developers and UX experts for better e-commerce user experience.
  • Supported by team of more than 50+ team of PHP and HTML developers.

Why work with us on your magento solution?

Magento is a beautifully complex solution, but this complexity does demand talented and experienced developers and frontend developers in order to extend Magento correctly. Our developers know Magento Community Edition and Magento Enterprise Edition inside out, down to the smallest details, and their customization work respects all development best practices. By working with us on Magento, you will have a secure, stable and optimized website, with all the functionality you need to take on your competitors. If you choose us as your Magento development company you will get the experience of one of our best Magento certified developer


Extensions: The most beautiful thing about Magento is its ecosystem, and a big part of this is represented by the extensions available. We’ve worked with all of the important extensions, and here are some of them:

  1. Layered Navigation Pro
  2. AjaxCart
  3. OneStepCheckout
  4. Subscriptions and Recurring Payments
  5. Customized Email Templates
  6. Reward Points
  7. QuickView
  8. GiftCards
  9. Daily Deals

Magento’s complexity requires optimizations in order to have a website with good loading times, and we have all the tools:

  1. we optimize the customizations and extensions installed
  2. we make the necessary configurations and customizations to speed up Magento’s core
  3. we tune up the server
  4. we optimize the caching using Varnish, Redis
  5. we speed up the search with Solr or Sphinx
  6. we optimize the frontend for optimal frontend performance

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